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Summer Safety

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Summer is here! Keeping your dog cool during the next few months is vital to the health of your pet. Here are a few tips to help your puppers beat the heat.

  1. Early morning and evenings are the best times for walking.Mid-day the temps are high and the pavements is HOT! Fido still needs his exercise but he and his paws will thank you if you take him when the temperature is a bit cooler.
  2. Leave your buddy at home! I know it's hard when they are giving you those sad eyes, but it is never safe to leave your dog in the car. On an 85 degree day, the temp in your car can reach over 100 degrees in 10 minutes! A quick stop is not worth risking your dog’s health.
  3. Make sure your dog has access to cool fresh water at all times. At the park,the beach,or a walk around the neighborhood-portable water dishes make this super easy.
  4. Make frosty treats for your pet. These yummy treats are easy to make and keep your pet cool on the inside. Recipes for DIY “Pupsicles.

Even with every precaution, it may be difficult to keep your dog safe in 100+ degree temperatures.Some symptoms your dog is suffering from heat stroke: heavy panting, glazed eyes, rapid heartbeat, excessive thirst, bright red or purple tongue, and seizures. If your dog is suffering from any of these signs get them into shade or air condition immediately,apply ice packs or cold towels to head,neck and chest. Seek medical assistance ASAP.

Summer is a great time to create memories with your four legged best friend! Be safe and most importantly have fun! 

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