Check the Chip on August 15th

Posted by Abbie Lutz on 30th Jul 2018

August 15th is National Check the Chip Day. Celebrate by making sure your pet is microchipped and that your information is up to date.

According to the ASPCA, 15% of pet owners lose their pet every year. Of those pets that are lost, only 15% of them are recovered because of information from a microchip. This highlights the importance of not only having your pets microchipped, but making sure the information on them, especially your phone number and current address, is correct. If you were to ever lose your pet, you have a much better chance of making sure it gets back to you if it is microchipped. Shelters and veterinarian offices have microchip scanners that are linked with the microchip manufacturer databases. For example, if your pet is microchipped through 24PetWatch, you would create an account through 24PetWatch with your information, and 24PetWatch in turn shares that information through the database for shelters. So if your pet ever escapes and ends up at a shelter, or some good citizen finds your furry companion and brings it to their vet office, the workers can scan the microchip and make sure your pet gets back to you. Having your pet microchipped saves time, energy, money, and most of all, provides peace of mind and saves you from a terrible life for you and your pet if you are never able to find each other again.

So, Check the Chip on August 15th and keep your furry friend safe. You can also monogram your pet’s name and your contact phone number on any Paw Paws collar for only $10 for double the protection if your furry family member happens to get lost.


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