Gooby Stretch Fleece Vest - Inigo Blue

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The Stretch Fleece Vest was made after our popular fleece vest. Unlike the regular fleece vest, the Stretch Fleece Vest is super stretchy and fits dogs up to 100+ lbs. We made it so versatile that it even fits a mini pig. Usually our sizes tend to run small for dogs under 35 lbs, but not for our Stretch Fleece Vest! This is our first attempt to offer bigger sizings for larger dog breeds due to popular demand. If your furry friend has a unique body shape and you have a hard time finding a comfortable soft fleece vest with proper sizing, our stretch fleece vest is definitely right for you.

Gooby Stretch Fleece Vest was developed as an extension of our popular fleece vest. Differing from the standard fleece vest, this variant boasts exceptional elasticity and accommodates dogs of sizes up to 100+ lbs, making it versatile enough even for miniature pigs. While our usual sizes are tailored for dogs under 35 lbs and tend to run small, Stretch Fleece Vest is an exception. If your beloved pet has a distinctive body structure and you struggle to find a snug and comfortable fleece vest with the right fit, our Stretch Fleece Vest is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you.

  • KEEP YOUR DOG WARM ALL WINTER LONG - When chilly weather arrives, ensure your pet remains cozy and shielded from the cold with the soft and stretchable Gooby Stretch Fleece Vest. Crafted from a blend of 90% polyester and 5% polyurethane, this vest repels moisture like freezing rain or snow while trapping warm air, ensuring your pet's enduring comfort. Our Gooby pet clothing is both secure and long-lasting, suitable for small cats as well!
  • STYLE MEETS FUNCTIONALITY - Our Gooby Stretch Fleece Vest is not your average pet clothes. Select from a diverse range of over 15 colors to ensure your furry friend sports the trendiest and most comfortable winter attire in the neighborhood. Featuring armholes spacious enough for unhindered movement and bathroom breaks, this vest makes for a perfect holiday gift for your canine companion.
  • ACCURATE DOG SWEATER SIZING - Our commitment to providing a perfectly fitting winter pet fleece vest surpasses other pet sweater options. To ensure a snug fit, use a measuring tape to determine your pet's back length and choose from our range of easy-fit sizes. We also recommend selecting a neck opening that exceeds your pet's head size for an accurate and comfortable fit.

Machine wash cold and air dry recommended

Stretchable Soft Fleece Bottom

Made with spandex and soft fleece, the half stretch fleece vest has a stretchable bottom for better fitting while providing warmth and comfort. The soft fleece is made with 95% polyester and is the same fabric used in making baby ear-warmers and bedsheets. That should tell you how cozy it is. It is widely used in the garment industry, here's why:

  • Strong, durable, yet lightweight.
  • Retains heat and keeps warmth.
  • Retains shape.
  • Wrinkle-resistant.